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Get a massage in Akumal

There are few things more relaxing than a good full body massage, especially when you're on vacation in Mexico! But you want to make sure you don't just throw your money away for a crappy massage. So where is the best place to get a massage around Akumal and the Riviera Maya?

Buddha Gardens is in Akumal Bay, just south of the Hotel Akumal Caribe. Buddha Gardens is the best place to get an amazing massage inside Akumal. "My friend gets massages monthly as part of his employee perks in USA, but he said Buddha Gardens was the best massage he had ever gotten".

Getting a massage at the Buddha Gardens isn't going to be cheap. It costs just as much as a massage in America costs but it's worth every penny. Getting a quality massage on vacation in Mexico while you're laying on the beach is pure serenity.

The treatment areas are not walled in little rooms with re-circulated air, they are open to the ocean breezes, discreetly closed off with yards and yards of cool fabric so your skin feels even more pampered by the natural breeze flowing through.

If you're staying in Half Moon Bay, go to the front desk of Vista Del Mar and they can arrange to have a massage therapist come to your condo and give you a massage there instead. Doing this will still cost the same as Buddha Gardens.

There is a woman in Puerto Morelos named Claudia who gets amazing reviews from all her clients. She spends time with you before your massage to get to know you, and find out what parts of your body are in main and need extra attention. She will then target your custom needs during your massage, and she'll even teach your spouse to give the same type of massage. The only downside here is you have to travel to Puerto Morelos to get a massage from Claudia. It's only 15 minutes south of the Cancun airport though.


Vista Del Mar in Akumal

I've stayed in many different condos in Akumal during my time, they all have their own perks but of all the places I've stayed Vista Del Mar is probably my favorite beach condo in Akumal. On your vacation you should look for a place that suits your needs, but here's all the Vista Del Mar information so you can decide if you want to stay here on your trip.

Most condos in Akumal are individually owned. This means that even each separate room inside the condo is owned by a different person, so one room might have free internet and cable TV, while the room right next door doesn't. But Vista Del Mar is different, the entire condo is owned by the same person, which means every room in the condo will be the same so you don't have to worry about which room to stay in, they're all the same.

If you get a chance to choose your room, try to get one facing the ocean. Not only do you get an absolutely amazing view, you can also spend a lot of time sitting on your deck looking at sea turtles in Akumal Bay and enjoying the beauty of mother nature.

Being on the first level is cool because you can walk right out of your room into the beach and into the ocean, but you have to be more alert staying on the first level. Anybody who walks on the beach could come up to your room and and spy on you inside your room, or even come inside and try to steal something. It's very unlikely but it has happened to me before so if you stay on the first level, be extra cautious. Double check the locks on all your doors and windows and you'll be fine.

There are no hair dryers in the rooms of Vista Del Mar, so make sure you pack your own if you're staying here. They do provide a refrigerator, dish washer, toaster, blender, coffee maker, stove and microwave so you can cook and save any kind of food. The showers work very well, even if the water pressure does kind of suck. Of course every unit has an air conditioning unit so if it gets too hot outside, relax inside with the AC for a while.

They have rooms to accommodate everybody. If you're traveling to Akumal alone, they have 1 bed / 1 bath condos for about $180. 2 bed / 2 bath units are going for about $220. And you can get a 3 bed / 3 bath unit for about $290. These condos can fit up to 7 people comfortably, so bring the whole family!

The Vista Del Mar allows pets to stay with you, but I don't know how many people bring their pets to Akumal with them. Just remember it is an option if you stay here. Smoking is not allowed inside the condos at Vista Del Mar and if you do smoke, you should respect their policy so the condos are suitable for future guests. Just step outside or go on the roof and have a cigarette if you need to.


Akumal Beach Resort

After all the planning, packing, and money you spend to get to Akumal and enjoy your vacation, the last thing you want to do is keep planning and managing your entire trip. That's where the all-inclusive Akumal Beach Resort comes in.

Some people aren't sure if the cost of an all-inclusive resort is worth the price. It depends on how long you're staying in Akumal, and what you plan to do on your vacation to the Riviera Maya. The longer you stay, the more your all-inclusive will cost. And if you want to take day trips out of Akumal, you're paying for an all-inclusive and your day trips.

But if you do decide to stay in Akumal for the duration of your vacation, you need to consider Akumal Beach Resort. Just like the condos in Akumal, the Akumal Beach Resort is built right on the beach so you're never more than a few feet away from the beautiful ocean. If you don't want to take an adventure in the ocean, they have a beach-side jacuzzi and swimming pool. Their swimming pool is absolutely enormous, and it's sure to please your entire family.

All-inclusive of course means you get as many free drinks and as much food as you can handle. The Akumal Beach Resort has a couple of restaurants and three bars for their customers. The main restaurant / bar is on the beach and has an absolutely amazing view of Akumal. You can start your day with a full buffet with fresh fruits, eggs, sausage and more. Then end your day in their bar with as many margaritas you want. What's better than eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beach every day!?

The Akumal Beach Resort provides tons of stuff for you to do during your stay too. They have two tennis courts, pool tables, ping-pong tables, and volleyball courts. If you want to get wet, you can also play water polo, go kayaking, snorkeling and even scuba diving. If you're bringing your kids to Akumal, the Akumal Beach Resort has a kids activity center and a kids swimming pool by the main beach jacuzzi. There is definitely something for everybody here.

There is cable television in every room, as well as an internet cafe so you can stay in touch with family and friends who couldn't come on your awesome Akumal vacation. Wi-Fi is not free here, so you might consider having lunch at the Turtle Bay Cafe since they provide free WI-Fi internet to customers. Safety deposit boxes are included in every room so you don't have to worry about losing valuable information like passports or money.

If you've ever stayed at the Akumal Beach Resort, tell me how you enjoyed (or disliked) your stay, and why. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this page!